Students from a Wolverhampton school have launched a new gallery space and curated an exhibition at their school.

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This new and unique initiative is called the Young Curators and enables students to devise, manage and deliver contemporary art exhibitions to a professional and high quality standard.

The Young Curators at Highfields School, in Boundary Way, Penn, launched the Evoke gallery space on Thursday 1 May with the 'Appearance V Reality' exhibition, which marks the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare's birth.

The exhibition, which runs until 30 June, features contemporary art by professional artists Laura Hickman, Steve Evans and Anna Gnabowski. The artists responded to the exhibition opportunity which was promoted throughout the city and region. Their work is now on exhibition, curated by the Young Curators, in response to the Shakespearean theme. .

Evoke has been created at Highfields as part of Project Dandelion, Wolverhampton's Building Schools for the Future (BSF) Public Art programme.

Highfields was one of the first schools to benefit from the £270 million programme and saw it completely rebuilt with a host of new facilities.

Mark Capel said: "We are delighted to see the launch of the Evoke gallery space which represents yet another new exciting feature at the school.

"The Young Curators have created an exhibition of thought provoking and engaging visual art of the highest quality.

"We hope that the new gallery space will provide an environment to showcase new ideas and will help to foster creativity amongst students and visitors."

Christos Makarounas, one of the Young Curators and also Head Boy at Highfields said: "I got involved with this project as it is very different to the subjects I am studying - Politics, English and History.

"The Young Curators' experience has enriched my creativity, provided great experience of working as part of a team and given me an appreciation of the hard work that goes into curating an art exhibition.

This is the first of a series of exhibitions at Highfields. The next exhibition is planned for July around the theme of 'War and Conflict' to commemorate the centenary of WW1.

The gallery is open to the public during school hours and people can find out more by visiting Type=links;Linkid=3320;Title=Highfields School;Target=_blank; for more details.

  • released: Tuesday 6 May, 2014