A revised programme to support the transformation of Wolverhampton city centre is set to be approved by council chiefs.

The City Centre Transport and Movement Project which is already underway, is aimed at revitalising the area and supporting the wider regeneration for Wolverhampton.

Wolverhampton City Council has carried out a review into the project and has put forward a revised strategy for delivering the project in phases to support regeneration as it happens.

Under the suggested scheme, £1.6 million worth of works will be carried out in the next year including:

  • Queen Street - the work currently underway to widen the pavements will be completed to provide an enhanced link from the city centre to the bus and rail stations and support the wider Interchange project
  • Princess Street will be remodelled to include a cycle route and will become pedestrianised during peak shopping hours
  • Enhancements to Market Street

Councillor Peter Bilson, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration and Prosperity, said: "We remain committed to transforming the city centre so that it will be welcoming, family friendly and attract investment in top quality retail, leisure and cultural facilities.

"The revisions being proposed will mean changes to the phasing of the scheme delivery but seeks to ensure some of the key benefits are retained in the short term.

"We are synchronising the works with major regeneration projects as they happen, such as with the Interchange, Southside and Westside areas of the city centre.

"By adopting a more phased approach and completing the scheme over a longer period of time, we are also reducing the pressure on our annual budgets over the next few years.

"This programme remains a key part of our plans to boost prosperity, attract inward investment and regenerate the city centre."

The report will go before Cabinet Resources Panel on 11 February.

  • released: Monday 3 February, 2014