Over 96% of parents who submitted applications for reception class places on time secured a place at one of their preferred schools - with nearly 87% getting their first choice school.

Figures released this week show that 2,897 of the 3,343 on time applicants were allocated a place at their first choice school which they will join in September.

Overall, the percentage of children receiving a place at their first choice school has increased from 86.2% last year to 86.7% this year, while the percentage securing a place at one of their preferred schools has risen from 96% to 96.5%.

Some 120 late applications were received. With these included, the percentage of children allocated a reception class place at their firstchoice school was 85.2%, while 95.4% have received a place at a preferred school. Again, this is an increase from last year.

Meredith Teasdale, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Director of Education, said: "Wolverhampton's schools are more popular than ever, with more good or outstanding-rated schools and increasing demand for places.

"The council works hard with local providers to ensure as many children as possible are able to go to school where they want to, and it is pleasing that even more parents have secured reception class places at one of their preferred schools this year.

"There are unfortunately always going to be some parents and pupils disappointed because they haven't got a place at the school they wanted. Schools are operating waiting lists and if places become available they will be reallocated, while parents who are unhappy with their allocation can also appeal to an independent panel."

She added: "The figures released this week show how important it is that parents and carers get their applications in on time, as missing the deadline can significantly affect their chances of securing a place at their preferred school as we rightly should give priority to people who have applied by the deadline."

Any parents of children due to start in reception class this autumn who haven't yet applied for a place should do so immediately by calling the City of Wolverhampton Council's school admissions team on 01902 551122.

  • released: Tuesday 17 April, 2018