People in Wolverhampton are being urged to make one small lifestyle change to improve their health and wellbeing this January.

JanUary 2016, the new name for National Obesity Awareness Week, takes place from Monday 11 January to Sunday 17 January and seeks to highlight simple steps people can take to live a healthier lifestyle.

And organisers from the National Obesity Forum have called on the public to join in with a 'National New Year's Resolution' and pledge to make a small lifestyle change, such as exercising more regularly or cooking from scratch more often.

Councillor Sandra Samuels, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: "The new year is a good time for people to make important changes to their lives, and what could be more important to them than their health?

"We know we have significant challenges with obesity in Wolverhampton - with more than a quarter of our 10 year olds obese, compared to just under a fifth nationally, and nearly 70% of adults overweight or obese, compared to a national average of 64%.

"The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way, so I'd encourage individuals and families to make a pledge and improve their health during the JanUary campaign.

"It's not about people making an enormous commitment which they will struggle to stick to. It's about the small changes they and their family can make which will help them be that bit healthier, such as cooking more healthily, drinking more water, avoiding snacking, eating more fruit and vegetables or being a little more physically active.

"While it may be a small change, it could make a big different to someone's health and wellbeing."

National Obesity Forum chairman Professor David Haslam said: "Obesity is one of the great public health issues of our time, and it is important that local communities come together to help each to support their health and wellbeing.

"We want this week to be a landmark in the way the country deals with its health. There are simple and positive things that we can all do to help ourselves, and we hope the public will join our National New Year's Resolution."

People can enter their New Year's Resolutions and receive information on healthy eating, nutrition and exercise by visiting the JanUary 2016 website at Type=links;Linkid=6758;Title=Do something good for JanUary;Target=_blank;.

  • released: Tuesday 5 January, 2016