Spot Liverpool landmarks as award winning artists The Singh Twins exhibit their latest works at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

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The Lichfield Street gallery is now showing The Singh Twins; Mersey Miniatures, which feature famous Liverpool landmarks set in colourful Eastern motifs.

Running until Sunday 23 July, the exhibition is an absorbing look at cross cultural themes where east meets west and tradition runs alongside modernity.

Marguerite Nugent, Manager of Arts and Culture at the gallery, said: "These might be miniatures but they pack a lot in and are really captivating in both their use of colour and subject matter. Anyone who knows Liverpool well will spot many mini landmarks."

The Singh Twins are contemporary British artists of international standing whose award winning paintings have been acknowledged as constituting a unique genre in British Art.

They have brought about the revival of the Indian miniature tradition in a modern art practice, which in 2011, was officially recognised when they both received an MBE for Services to the Indian Miniature Tradition of Painting in Contemporary Art.

In 2015 they were awarded Honorary Doctorates from the University of Chester for their outstanding contribution to British Art.

The Mersey Miniatures series features ten mixed media original artworks.

  • released: Friday 19 May, 2017