The latest phase of a road improvement programme to support a major regeneration development will be completed later this month.

The junction of Patshull Avenue and Wobaston Road will reopen to traffic on Sunday 31 August, 2014 following works as part of the Wobaston Road Highway Improvement Scheme.

Initially, vehicles will be able to turn left into and out of Patshull Avenue. Motorists wishing to turn right will have to go via the roundabout at either Vine Island or The Droveway.

This left in/left out restriction will be in place until the overall scheme has been fully completed.

This will enable contractors to continue working on the remaining phases of the programme, including constructing a new central reservation in the middle of the road

While Patshull Avenue was closed, Centro had provided a temporary shuttle bus for passengers living on the estate.

This will be replaced by existing bus services, which will be working to temporary revised routes.

Further information on the temporary changed bus routes is available at Type=links;Linkid=4031;Title=Wobaston Road Highway Improvements;Target=_blank;.

The Wobaston Road Improvement Scheme will see the creation of an extra carriageway between Patshull Avenue and Vine Island, improved traffic signal junction at Patshull Avenue and better pedestrian and cycle facilities.

Works will also see the completion of the shared footpath and cycle lane from The Droveway to Vine Island. The £3.5 million scheme, which is being funded by the Department for Transport's Local Pinch Point Fund, is aimed at supporting the i54 South Staffordshire site and businesses in the area.

Councillor Peter Bilson, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration and Prosperity, said: "We are pleased to see this phase of works on the Wobaston Road Highway Improvement Scheme has been completed.

"We appreciate that this part of the scheme took longer than originally anticipated due to problems diverting gas mains and cables, and want to thank everyone for their patience and co-operation throughout.

"Works will now progress to get this vital scheme completed. It will support both local businesses and the i54 development, which is already bringing significant benefits to the area. This means we will have the infrastructure to cope with the increased traffic."

  • released: Wednesday 27 August, 2014