"We're watching you" is the hard hitting message appearing on glow in the dark posters around Wolverhampton aimed at selfish dog owners who don't clean up after their pets.

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The City of Wolverhampton Council has joined forces with Keep Britain Tidy for the latest push in its Cleaner Greener Better Wolverhampton campaign.

The Keep Britain Tidy posters feature a close up of a pair of eyes and the strapline "Thoughtless dog owners - we're watching you". They are made of special glow in the dark materials which provide added impact at night.

The posters are being placed on lampposts in areas across the city where there is a known problem with dog mess.

Councillor Steve Evans, the council's Cabinet Member for City Environment, said: "The posters are quite deliberately meant to make an impact. We're cracking down on dog fouling because it is something our residents consistently tell us is a problem.

"Every winter we see an increase in reports of dog mess - presumably because when the clocks go back people think they won't be seen under the cover of darkness.

"But through our Cleaner Greener Better Wolverhampton campaign, the message to these selfish people is simple. Our city doesn't want this disgusting, anti social problem on our streets and open spaces.

"We launched a new enforcement team earlier in the year working in partnership with a private company and they are out on the streets every day fining people who don't pick up after their pets, as well as those who litter.

"We've made it easy for people to report problems in their neighbourhood via our free Wolverhampton Report It mobile phone app.

"We've also put stickers on every bin in the city making it clear that any public bin can be used for people to put dog mess in - you don't have to use a specific dog poo bin."

The free Wolverhampton Report It app can be downloaded from main app stores.

  • released: Monday 26 October, 2015