Regeneration chiefs in Wolverhampton are to consult with the private sector on further development opportunities in the city centre.

Wolverhampton City Council is to engage in a 'soft market testing' exercise for parts of Westside and Southside which will invite private developers and investors to come forward with proposed schemes for the areas.

This is aimed at using recent development activity that is taking shape such as the new Sainsbury's superstore, Wolverhampton Youth Zone, Sunbeam Development, Mander Centre and the Southside Intervention Plan which has provided a platform to attract further investment and development.

Feedback from the exercise will help the council form a clearer idea of what development schemes are viable in those areas and how they might be delivered.

There are potential major mixed use opportunities with an emphasis on commercial, leisure, office, community and residential uses but the composition of these uses will be guided by results of the feedback.

Councillor Peter Bilson, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Economic Prosperity and Regeneration, said: "We are already seeing developments happening in Westside and Southside, as well as the wider city centre.

"This is about building on the confidence that is now growing and attracting more inward investment to Wolverhampton.

"We have worked to prepare sites to ensure they are ready for redevelopment and will now ask potential developers and investors to share their ideas.

"By consulting with the private sector, it will give us a clearer understanding of what schemes are viable in these areas and can be delivered and which approaches will bring about the greatest regeneration benefits for the city."

  • released: Monday 30 June, 2014