A Wolverhampton school is "Good" according to Ofsted, which has praised the leadership team for its "relentless focus on continual improvement".


Inspector Helen Davies carried out a short inspection of Eastfield Primary School on 8 February, and found that it continues to be "Good".

She said that the leadership team, under the guidance of headteacher Sarah Hay, "have high expectations" for their pupils and have maintained the good quality of education since the Colliery Road school's last inspection in 2013.

There is a "strong moral commitment, at every level, to ensuring pupils achieve their potential", while the "relentless focus on continual improvement" and the constant evaluation of the impact of new initiatives has led to "good quality teaching across the school".

The school has accurately identified its areas of strength and relative weakness and has worked effectively with advisors from the City of Wolverhampton Council, who have provided "excellent support and challenge, enabling the school to make strong progress". The quality of teaching in mathematics has improved, and teaching in reading is improving.

Teachers have created "a vibrant environment which celebrates pupils' work" with "welcoming classrooms" which contain a wealth of helpful resources to support learning.

Pupils themselves "are happy at school and enjoy their learning". They behave well, learn to concentrate from an early stage and are well mannered towards adults. Inspectors found a "strong culture of safeguarding and pupil welfare is at the heart of the school".

Mrs Hay said: "I am really proud to work at Eastfield Primary and am delighted that Ofsted has recognised us once again as a 'Good' school."

Councillor Claire Darke, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Member for Education, said: "This is a very pleasing report which demonstrates the good standard of education pupils are receiving at Eastfield Primary School.

"I'd like to congratulate the leadership team, teaching and support staff, the governing body, pupils and parents on their success. I am sure that their relentless focus on continual improvement identified by inspectors will bring about even better outcomes for children in the months and years ahead."

Latest figures show that 85% of schools in Wolverhampton are rated "Good" or "Outstanding" by Ofsted, the highest proportion ever.

  • released: Tuesday 28 March, 2017