Inspectors have highlighted efforts to turn around a Wolverhampton school.

Wolverhampton City Council promised that swift and decisive action would be taken after New Park School was placed into special measures following an Ofsted inspection in February.

They included the appointments of the head and deputy head of Aldersley High School, Nicola Davis and Martin Farmer, as Interim Executive Headteacher and Interim Headteacher respectively, and the creation of a new Interim Executive Board which will support and challenge the school to make improvements.

Inspector Sue Morris-King carried out a special measures monitoring inspection last month to assess progress and in a letter to New Park School confirming her findings, she said the new management team had worked "swiftly and effectively to make the school a calmer, safer place".

She found that the school had begun to establish a "clear focus on teaching and learning". The role of support staff is clearer and weekly staff meetings are being held, focusing on improving the quality of assessment, planning and teaching.

Mock examination sessions have taken place to help pupils and teachers prepare more effectively for their examinations, and there have also been improvements to the school environment, with older students helping to improve the garden area used by younger pupils.

The inspector added: "The staff I spoke to during the visit expressed positive views about the changes that had taken place.

"They feel that the school is considerably safer, is a much more pleasant place to work, and that teaching and learning are now taking place. They appreciate being able to share concerns with the senior leaders and feel confident that they will be supported."

Councillor Phil Page, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Learning, said: "The city council has taken swift action which has led to immediate and encouraging improvements at New Park School. The new leadership team and new robust governance arrangements are making a big impact on the school's fortunes.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank executive headteacher Nicola Davis and her team for their tremendous efforts which are already beginning to bear fruit. Aldersley is a highly rated school and Nicola and Martin are bringing the good practice that has benefitted pupils there to New Park.

"Our young people deserve nothing less than a high quality education and we will be continuing to work hard over the coming weeks and months as we seek to improve standards at New Park School."

The inspection on 21 May was the first monitoring inspection since the school became subject to special measures following an inspection on 26 February 2014. A further monitoring inspection will take place in due course.

  • released: Thursday 12 June, 2014