Residents in Wolverhampton are being encouraged to highlight issues of public interest which they think should be scrutinised by the City of Wolverhampton Council's scrutiny panels and review groups.

The council is developing its scrutiny work programme for the year ahead. An important part of the process involves asking residents to suggest topics that would benefit most from their councillor's involvement.

The views of residents and community groups are important in helping councillors know what issues affect them most and which can also support the council in achieving the priorities of its Corporate Plan, the key strategic planning document for the Council. More details about the Corporate Plan can be found Type=articles;Articleid=3256;Title=here.;

Last year, issues which were subject to scrutiny included volunteering, tackling child sexual exploitation and engaging with the electorate.

All suggestions received will be considered for inclusion in the 2016-17 scrutiny work programme, and anyone who has a topic they wish to submit should contact the Scrutiny Team on 01902 551250 or visit Type=articles;Articleid=2456;Title=Scrutiny;.

  • released:Friday 22 April, 2016