Twenty bespoke houses for families with an adult wheelchair user will be built in Wolverhampton ensuring people can live independent lives in their own homes.

Work will begin later this year on the first 4 wheelchair homes, which will be built in Lawnside Green, Stowlawn.

Planning permission for both wheelchair and general needs council homes has also been granted across a further 4 sites - Sunset Place in Lanesfield, Hughes Road on the Villiers Estate, Welbury Gardens in Whitmore Reans, and Redcotts Close in Fallings Park, with a further permission to be applied for on more sites soon.

Ten of the wheelchair user homes will be owned and managed by Heantun Housing Association, who have a successful track record of designing and delivering family sized wheelchair housing in the city. The remaining wheelchair and general needs homes will all be retained and managed by the city council. Locations for further wheelchair houses will be announced soon.

Now the city council want to identify suitable families for the 2 and 3 bedroom wheelchair accessible homes. The development of some of the wheelchair homes is being part funded by the Government and under the funding agreement the wheelchair user must be over 18.

Prospective tenants for the wheelchair homes need to register on the Type=links;Linkid=6183;Title=Homes in the City;Target=_blank; website where they can also access further information.

Alternatively they should contact the city council on 01902 555446.

City council economy leader Peter Bilson said: "This is more good news for prospective housing tenants and is the first house building project of this kind for the city council. It will enable people to lead independent and fulfilling lives at home with their families.

"This follows on from us completing the first council homes built in the city for 3 decades at Thompson Avenue and I am pleased to announce we will be looking at other potential sites soon. It is a priority for us to ensure people can access quality affordable homes in Wolverhampton and that is something we are delivering on."

Funding for the new homes has come through the Department for Health's Care and Support Specialised Housing (CaSSH) scheme. As part of the programme, Wolverhampton City Council was awarded a grant of £900,000 by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

  • released: Monday 15 June, 2015