A new exhibition taking its name from a futuristic cityscape will open at Wolverhampton Art Gallery on Saturday (14 April).

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Fiction City focuses on works where landmarks have been subtly replaced with domestic items, and contrasts the fantastic with the ordinary.

It showcases a selection of works from the Lichfield Street gallery's collection that together explore the modern world and its impact upon human interaction and relationships.

Like the Impressionists before them, artists working in the late twentieth century were often inspired by the urban landscape. From the 1960s onwards, painters, printmakers and photographers were increasingly drawn to the sensations of the city; creating works that evoked new architectural forms and expressed the experiences of modern life.

The exhibition has been curated by Alice Benbow, a postgraduate student from the University of Birmingham.

Tess Radcliffe, Wolverhampton Art Gallery Curatorial and Learning Manager, said: "Fiction City allows visitors to look at the city landscape through a futurist insight whilst also exploring themes of self awareness and representations of the body, urban spaces and politics.

"By working with Alice, we have been able to support and develop her knowledge within the arts industry and we hope visitors enjoy the futuristic exhibition that has been created."

Fiction City uses a selection of artworks from the gallery's collection that each explore ideas around living in cities. Prints by Chris Plowman feature alongside rarely seen photomontages from the influential artist and critic John Walker.

Together they represent shared artistic ideas about urban experience.

The exhibition, located on the second floor of the gallery, runs until Sunday 3 June and admission is free.

  • released: Thursday 12 April, 2018