Beware of the T-Rex when it goes on the rampage in Bilston for a fun family friendly day dedicated to all things dinosaur.

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Bilston Gallery is celebrating dinosaurs on Saturday 27 May from 11am to 3pm.

Young visitors can meet a life like T-Rex, dress up and have their faces painted just like a dinosaur, and find out lots of fascinating dinosaur facts with the amazing Dr. Fossil.

The action packed Dinosaur Family Fun Day costs £5 per child (including one adult), £2.50 for adults, and children aged 2 years and under go free.

Visitors can either buy tickets in advance at The Ticket Factory or simply turn up on the day (cash payments only on the day).

It has been organised to celebrate the gallery's current, free Discover Dinosaurs exhibition featuring Beaky, Tiny and Barry - the pet names for the huge dinosaur models on show.

Marguerite Nugent, City of Wolverhampton Council Manager for Arts and Culture said: "The Discover Dinosaurs exhibition has already attracted hundreds of visitors. This Bank Holiday weekend family fun day features an amazing T-Rex model, which comes to life, as well as lots of great child friendly activities."

Among the popular exhibits in the current show is Stan - a model of a T Rex skull measuring almost 2 metres long. Joining Stan is Tiny, a not so small animatronic baby T Rex which hunts for a herbivore creature as it would have done when creatures like it walked the earth millions of years ago.

Barry the Baryonyx gives visitors the chance to learn about one of the largest fish eating dinosaurs. Its crocodile like head and dangerous claws made it a master hunter of rivers and lakes around 125 million years ago.

Flying above the gallery space is the 2 metre long head of Beaky - a Pterosaur, which was neither a bird or a bat but a reptile which soared above the land more than 200 million years ago.

Fast forward to the Ice Age and meet Fluffy, a full size mammoth, which towers above the other models. The Discover Dinosaurs exhibition is free and runs until 13 August. Bilston Gallery, in Mount Pleasant, is open Thursday to Saturday from 12pm to 4pm.

Tickets are available at Type=links;Linkid=8432;Title=The Ticket Factory - Dinosaur Family Fun Day;Target=_blank;.

  • released: Tuesday 9 May, 2017