The Secretary of State for Education has hailed the improvements made at a Wolverhampton school over the last 2 years.

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Nicky Morgan MP invited teachers Karen Titley and Laura Watkins-Brown from Woodthorne Primary to a reception at Lancaster House in London last week to find out more about how the school had achieved its success and to share best practice with teachers from other high performing schools around the country.

Ofsted rated Woodthorne Primary School in Tettenhall as Good following an inspection last year - after previously declaring that it required improvement in an inspection in 2012.

They found that the school's new leadership team had been effective in driving school improvement since the previous inspection, that better teaching meant that pupils' learning had improved, and attainment had improved significantly.

In her letter to Headteacher Justin Crilly, who joined at Woodthorne Primary School in 2013, she praised the "dedication and sheer hard work" of staff which had led to "great improvements over the past few years".

She said: "This achievement is testament to your leadership, and that of your governing body and senior management team. We are working to put in place a school led system, where great school leaders can support and collaborate with each other to drive up standards for all, and the achievements of individual schools like yours are an essential part of this vision."

Mr Crilly said: "We are tremendously proud of our school and our pupils' achievements over the last 2 years. The behaviour and attitude of our children has been recognised as outstanding by Ofsted and they really are second to none.

"We have ambitious plans here at Woodthorne. Our improvement plan is working well and we are now in a fantastic position to move the school forward."

Chair of Governors Councillor Mike Hardacre said: "I congratulate the staff at Woodthorne for all their efforts for our children. This has been an exciting 12 months for the new leadership of the school - Ofsted graded us as good, we have been congratulated for the improvements our Pupil Premium children have made and 2 of our teachers have met with Nicky Morgan to celebrate their success."

Councillor Phil Page, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Learning, added: "It is heartening that the good work of teachers, pupils and parents in Wolverhampton is being recognised at the highest levels, and I'd like to congratulate Justin and his team for the improvements they have driven through at Woodthorne Primary School.

"I know they have real ambitions of securing an "outstanding" report from Ofsted when their next inspection takes place and I wish them every success in their endeavours."

  • released: Monday 2 February, 2015