The curious tale of a former Bilston MP's links with Mount Everest and the Abominable Snowman will be regaled in a free talk on Wednesday (14 October).

Type=image;ImageID=7970;ImageClass=left;ImageTitle=Members of the 1921 Everest Expedition, including Charles Howard-Bury;TitleClass=strong;

Community historian Greig Campbell will be showcasing the many adventures of former MP Charles Howard-Bury, a world renowned botanist and explorer who was one of the first Western explorers to traverse what is now Eurasia.

He led the 1921 British Mount Everest reconnaissance expedition, mapping out routes which were later to be used to conquer the peak, a trip which also led to the coining of the term 'abominable snowman'.

The talk takes place at Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies' Molineux Hotel Building from 5pm to 6pm, and is one of a series of free talks organised every month by the City of Wolverhampton Council's Arts and Museums service.

For more information, please visit Type=links;Linkid=6114;Title=Wolverhampton Arts and Heritage;Target=_blank;. People should please call Wolverhampton Art Gallery on 01902 552055 to book their place.

  • released: Wednesday 7 October, 2015