Wolverhampton residents have only a few days left to take advantage of a scheme that could bring down gas and electricity bills. The closing date to register with the 'Big Community Switch' is November 19.

The Big Community Switch is the latest collective energy switching scheme being run by the council in conjunction with other local authorities across the country.

Collective energy switches utilise people power to bring down bills. The idea is that the more people sign up, the more incentive there is for the energy companies to outbid each other and offer a better deal.

People who are interested in switching energy suppliers can register by telephone on 01902 553456.

This week (11 to 15 November) anyone who does not want to register online or over the phone can visit the ground floor of the Civic Centre where staff will help them to sign up - providing they bring a copy of their most recent energy bill.

Once the registration deadline has passed, energy companies are invited to join a reverse auction which means they outbid each other with the aim of offering the cheapest deal.

People who have registered are then given an offer from the winning company and are free to decide whether or not they want to switch supplier.

Because the Big Community Switch is a bulk buying scheme, the more people who take part, the better the deal should be.

Councillor John Reynolds, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for City Services said: "Rarely a day goes by at the moment when rising energy bills are not in the news.

"But getting a better deal from the energy companies needs a little 'people power'.

"It takes just a few minutes to register online, but those few minutes could make a big difference to household bills.

"As the saying goes, there's power in numbers, so the more people who sign up for The Big Community Switch, the better. Even if people registered for the last auction in June, it's worth their while to register again, as the offer will be different.

"There's no obligation to accept the winning company's offer - and if people find that the winners can't beat the tariff they're already on, at least they can be sure that they're getting a good deal from their suppliers.

"We know that in the last auction Wolverhampton residents saved £152 a year on average - and some have saved over £300.

"Considering that The Big Community Switch is free to enter and comes with no obligation, it's certainly worth a few minutes of anyone's time to register".

  • released: Monday 11 November, 2013