Delighted young people and teachers from Wolverhampton have been rewarded for their creative talents in education at a glittering annual black tie event.

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The Wolverhampton Oscars (WOSCARS), organised by Wolverhampton City Council, took place yesterday (July 11) to celebrate the achievements of teachers and learners in digital film and media.

Schools were invited to contribute digital media to a range of categories including film making, animation, digital music, computer gaming and multi-media presentation. Teachers were also invited to submit examples of innovative practice and original teaching resources.

This year saw a record breaking 500 entries from schools across the city. These were submitted in 12 categories, for pupils aged between 4 and 19.

For the first time this year, the awards ceremony held at Wolverhampton Science Park, was blogged live online with pupils, teachers and parents watching the action as it unfolded and sending messages of congratulations to winners and finalists. This can be viewed at Type=links;Linkid=2143;Title=WOSCARS 2013 LIVE;Target=_blank;.

There was also a lot of interest on Twitter with attendees and even those not present on the day regularly tweeting about it using the hashtag #woscars2013.

Councillor Phil Page, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Learning said: "This year's WOSCARS was an incredible success. Every year we see immense talent at the event and this year exceeded expectations. It is thrilling to see the creative talents of young people and teachers recognised. We had 54 fantastic and deserving winners across the 3 events but all of the winners and finalists should feel rightly proud of their efforts.

"ICT is a very important part of the curriculum and pupils and staff in Wolverhampton have access to a range of innovative software which enables our young people to be wonderfully creative, producing animations, artwork, e-books, films, music and podcasts.

A full list of winners and finalists and photographs from the event will soon be available at Type=links;Linkid=2144;Title=WOSCARS 2013;Target=_blank;.