As part of Volunteering Week, employees from the Council's Place Directorate Team swapped the afternoon in the office for a spot of painting and decorating at Kingswood Trust.

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Type=image;ImageID=9858;ImageClass=left;ImageTitle=A fresh coat of paint;TitleClass=strong;

Ross Cook, Service Director for City Environment, Tim Johnson, Strategic Director for Place, Tim Pritchard, Head of Corporate Landlord, Keren Jones, Service Director for City Economy, Jack Strickland, Apprentice and Personal Assistants Santush Chaunkria, Sharon Hall and Vicky Moulding all pulled up their sleeves to help repaint the dining hall and outdoor seating at the centre.

The facility which is used by over 5,000 children every year provides a quality environment to socialise and build relationships, as well as providing and supporting them with healthy meals. Over 90% of these children are from Wolverhampton and various schools across the city regularly visit to make use of the fantastic resources on offer.

Charity Manager, Rachel Wells has been developing opportunities for volunteers individually and in groups to make a positive contribution to the environmental centre - in all cases everyone gains something from these opportunities.

Rachel said: "Kingswood Trust is a not for profit charity, providing a diverse range of opportunities for children and the community that supports their education, health and wellbeing. The value, both financially and in terms of contributing skills and expertise through volunteering and community engagement is enormous.

"Thank you to the Place team for choosing to give us a helping hand - many hands make light work."

If you're interested in finding out more about volunteering, why not check out the Volunteer Week events below:

  • Wolverhampton Volunteers Open Day will be taking place at the Volunteer Centre on Tuesday 7 June from 10am to 2pm.
  • Visit The Way Youth Zone on Thursday 9 June where you can talk to a range of organisations about their volunteer opportunities.
  • released: Friday 3 June, 2016