Three Wolverhampton councillors who vowed to lose weight are celebrating after shedding more than 3 stone between them in the first few weeks of their obesity challenge.

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Councillors Paul Sweet, Stephen Simkins and Daniel Warren took up the challenge in support of a call to action by Wolverhampton's Director of Public Health for organisations and individuals to tackle the growing problem of obesity in the city.

And 5 weeks into their challenge, Councillor Sweet's weight has fallen from 22st 7.5lbs to 21st 2.5lbs, Councillor Simkins is down from 23st 3lbs to 22st 7lbs and Daniel has dropped from 16st 8lbs to 15st 2lbs.

Councillor Sweet said: "I'm really pleased with the start I've made - and most importantly I'm enjoying the challenge made so much easier thanks to a great support network."

Councillor Warren said: "I'm very happy with the progress so far - I walked 25,000 steps last weekend alone, and I'm really starting to feel the benefits of it."

Councillor Simkins added: "I'm combining eating more healthily with an exercise regime including walking, cycling and working out at the gym and I'm very pleased with how it is going."

The councillors' challenge began with a health check with health trainers from the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust's Healthy Lifestyles Service, who also discussed lifestyle issues and diet. They have since joined their local leisure centres, where they enjoy regular workouts supported by "buddies" - including Director of Public Health Ros Jervis - who exercises with them.

Councillor Sandra Samuels, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, said: "This is a tremendous start and I'd like to congratulate all 3 of my fellow councillors on their efforts. The key now is to stick to it and show the resolve to keep shedding the pounds."

With nearly 70% of adults in Wolverhampton either overweight or obese, Mrs Jervis uses her Annual Report as a "call to action" for organisations and businesses to team up and try to address the "obesity epidemic". Organisations from across the city will come together to discuss the problem at a major summit about obesity in Wolverhampton on Monday 10 November, 2014. Delegates wishing to attend should visit Type=links;Linkid=4600;Title=Wolverhampton's Obesity Summit 2014;Target=_blank; to reserve a place.

People can follow the councillors' weight loss journey via Twitter - Type=links;Linkid=4188;Title=slimlinesweet;Target=_blank;, Type=links;Linkid=4189;Title=slim67rocket;Target=_blank; and Type=links;Linkid=4190;Title=dietingdan;Target=_blank;. A short video of the councillors embarking on the challenge can be seen at Type=links;Linkid=4622;Title=Wolverhampton Today;Target=_blank;.

For more information about the help available to people with weight issues from the Healthy Lifestyles Service, please call 0800 073 4242 or 01902 444246, email or visit the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust website, Type=links;Linkid=4488;Title=Healthy Lifestyles Service;Target=_blank;.

  • released: Tuesday 21 October, 2014