Wolverhampton City Council's latest group of apprentices have now joined the authority, and will be spending the next 12 months working with teams across the organisation.

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The 18 apprentices were welcomed by Mayor of Wolverhampton Councillor Mike Heap on Monday 1 September, 2014.

Among this, the sixth cohort of apprentices, are Shakquille Millington, Adam Preece, Sanjey Walters, Kayleigh Blakemore, Sian McCreesh, William Legg, Katie Smith, Ryan Roberts, Joshua Colley, James Summers, Lauren Terry, Amirah Shaikh, Ashley Smith, Elliot Fereday, Taylor Williamson, Reuben Kumar, Jake Pearson and Elizabeth Moreton. One final apprentice will be appointed in the next few weeks.

They will work in departments across the council, including leisure services, ICT, Civic Halls, the Adult Education Service, licensing and procurement.

The council's Apprenticeship Programme, which is now in its 4th year, sees the authority take on around 30 young people each year to give them an insight into and experience of the world of work.

It is aimed primarily at 16 to 18 year olds and those taking part are offered a 1 year fixed term contract at a wage of £150 per week.

The apprenticeships are offered as part of the authority's drive to create more opportunities for young people and, of the previous 5 cohorts, 18 young people secured employment with the council. Many have also gone on to find work elsewhere, or into advanced apprenticeships or further education.

A 7th cohort is due to start with the council in February.

Councillor Phil Page, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Learning, said: "The council is one of the biggest employers in the city and we recognise the benefits that apprentices can bring to the organisation, and how important it is for young people to get experience of the workplace.

"Apprenticeship schemes give people the chance to take their first steps into employment while gaining valuable skills and qualifications.

"All of our apprentices have proven to be hard working, enthusiastic and willing to learn and I am sure this new cohort will be no exception.

"I'd encourage other employers in the city to consider the benefits of providing apprenticeships, both to their business and to the city's young people."

To find out more about Wolverhampton City Council's apprenticeships scheme, please call the Workforce Development team on 01902 554085. For more information on apprenticeships generally, please visit Type=links;Linkid=3256;Title=Apprenticeships;Target=_blank;.

  • released: Wednesday 3 September, 2014