Asylum Art Gallery has become the first City of Wolverhampton project to benefit from a new pot of council match funding via the Crowdfund Wolves platform.

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City of Wolverhampton Council is interested in funding a range of projects that contribute to improving places, spaces or residents' quality of life.

The council will provide up to 10% of the total project costs to projects that have reached 50% of their funding target on Crowdfund Wolves.

Asylum Art Gallery in Chapel Ash has been running for 4 years and is fundraising to continue offering free space for artists in the community to develop and showcase their artwork.

It has received £430 from the council, which is one of 57 Crowdfund Wolves backers that have so far pledged £3,854.

The project only needs to find another £431 to reach its goal by 10 December.

City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for City Economy, Councillor John Reynolds, said: "Crowdfund Wolves is part of our approach to community engagement where we enable communities to support and develop the projects that they are passionate about.

"The council is delighted to be able to support the Asylum Art Gallery project and we look forward to helping many other projects towards their goals.

"We are hoping to see many more unusual, interesting and innovative projects to make the City of Wolverhampton even better."

Asylum Art Gallery will use the funding to deliver mentoring and exhibition space for students, 6 more free places for local artists to exhibit, space for the Junction Festival to provide local music, free space for local artists workshops and local bands to rehearse and arrange events, a free workshop delivered by Royal College of Art students, and a safe space for people affected by mental health or disabilities to develop art.

Hannah Taylor of Asylum Art Gallery said: "We believe that regeneration is possible through culture and the renovation of unused spaces into public spaces. When people are given space, projects develop that benefit the entire community.

"Our crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfund Wolves if successful will enable us to continue giving the Asylum Art Gallery for free, inclusively to the community, and finish renovating our new studio spaces.

"We want to close the gap between institutions and the market and provide invaluable experience for artists to achieve and grow - keep creatives in the City of Wolverhampton!"

To make a donation to the Asylum Art Gallery project visit Type=links;Linkid=11268;Title=Spacehive;Target=_blank;.

Crowdfund Wolves is a website that connects people, communities and businesses to everything they need to make their idea a reality.

The council has joined with the Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council to develop the platform.

Anyone can back the great ideas on this site and play their part in bringing them to life. To view other projects head to Type=links;Linkid=9883;Title=Crowdfund Wolves;Target=_blank;. Online donations can start from as little as £2.

Anyone with a project idea should visit  Type=links;Linkid=11269;Title=Your Crowdfund Project;Target=_blank;.

  • released: Wednesday 21 November, 2018