City of Wolverhampton Council will be raising the city flag tomorrow (Wednesday) to celebrate the anniversary of one of the country's most significant battles.

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Deputy Mayor Councillor Barry Findlay will also officially open the Battle of Wodensfield Community Fun Day, at Wednesfield High School, on Saturday 8 August (11.30am to 4.30pm).

The historic battle, which took place on 5 and 6 August in 910 AD, saw the Anglo Saxons and their allies defeat the Viking Danes of Northumberland on the field of Woden, now modern day Wednesfield.

As part of the fun day proceedings, the battle will be re-enacted by Viking and Anglo Saxon living history re-enactment society, Jorvik Vikingr, with the Vikings marching through Wednesfield High Street at 11.15am.

Wednesfield North Councillor Phil Bateman, who last year saw his resolution to celebrate the anniversary of the battle passed by council, said: "This Wednesday marks more than 1,000 years since one of the greatest battles in British history, and we should be very proud of the part that Wednesfield had to play.

"The first written references to Wednesfield came in the Anglo Saxon chronicles where there is mention of a great battle at Wednesfield, in which the Mercians and their allies inflicted a defeat on the Danes, leading to the effective end of their power.

"We don't know for sure exactly where the battle took place - but we do know it took place within the city boundaries - and I am delighted we will be commemorating this hugely important event in our nation's history."

Entry to the fun day is free with re-enactments of the battle taking place at 12.30pm and 2.30pm.

Other attractions include bouncy castles, community and craft stalls, a prize raffle, face painting and a Wednesfield Town FC kids' football tournament.

  • released: Tuesday 4 August, 2015