Wolverhampton City Council has today issued the following statement confirming that there will be no funfair on Tettenhall Green.

Councillor Elias Mattu, a senior Cabinet councillor, said: "This week we have seen some blatant scaremongering over what was only ever an idea as we looked at ways of offering something for families around Tettenhall Paddling Pool. Somehow, an idea for 3 small children's rides in a very small area of the green was hyped up by some to be portrayed as a huge funfair complete with ferris wheel and bumper cars. This ludicrous suggestion was never what was proposed and it is unfortunate that some people decided to present such myths as fact.

However, as we made clear earlier this week, we have listened to the views of local people. It is quite clear that there is strong feeling in Tettenhall against this and accordingly I can confirm there will be no fair of any description happening in Tettenhall. We do want to provide things for children to enjoy in the summer, but they will be in parts of the city where they will be welcomed and appreciated."

  • released: Friday 22 May, 2015