Offenders of anti social behaviour and general nuisance in the 'Old' Park Village area of the city are set to be hit with on the spot £80 fines.

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The City of Wolverhampton Council has issued a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), with the backing of West Midlands Police and local residents.

It is subject to a mandatory 6 week legal challenge period, and no action can be taken before 1 September, 2015.

The area targeted is the northern section of Cannock Road between the junctions of Nine Elms Lane and Prosser Street, Nine Elms Lane, Prosser Street, Crowther Street, Newport Street, Stratton Street and Colaton Close, Quatford Gardens, Silverdale Drive, Swinford Road and Fowler's Park.

The Fixed Penalty Notices will be administered to anyone breaching the terms of the order, which prohibits carrying any open container of alcohol, playing any ball games in the street, creating excessive or unreasonable noise levels, littering or fly tipping, urinating in the street and allowing dog fouling, in any public area within the PSPO zone.

Councillor Sandra Samuels, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Well Being, said: "The problems have reached significant proportions in the 'Old' Park Village area that are detrimental to the local community's quality of life.

"There are issues with identifying perpetrators as it is estimated that around one hundred adults are routinely involved in the nuisance behaviour within a small area.

"Witnesses are too scared to attend court or even name perpetrators.

"Over the past 12 months a dossier of evidence has been built up evidencing a range of complaints from many residents, while police and anti social behaviour team officers have also witnessed anti social behaviour over this period.

"Following multi agency meetings and extensive public consultation the conclusion is that a PSPO would help address some of these concerns."

Prior to the implementation of the PSPO the area will be leafleted with a 'Good Neighbour Pack' - an easy guide available in English and a number of community languages as well as pictorial format - to outline what is and what is not acceptable behaviour.

  • released: Friday 7 August, 2015