Wolverhampton City Council has named a new managing director who will be responsible for delivering its ambitions for the city.

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Keith Ireland was appointed to the newly created post this afternoon (Friday 19 September). Keith is an internal appointment having previously been the council's strategic director for delivery with responsibilities for finance, legal, leisure and street cleansing amongst other things.

The new role of managing director has been put in place after the council decided to no longer have a chief executive as head of its paid service after Simon Warren stepped down due to ill health.

The move will save £195,000 a year and will contribute to the council's overall £350,000 senior management savings target.

The new managing director will continue to oversee the running of the delivery directorate but will also assume additional responsibilities working with the West Midlands councils to deliver transport and other regional activity.

Keith Ireland has worked at Wolverhampton City Council for 2 and a half years. He has previously held senior management and director roles at the London Borough of Enfield, Northumberland County Council and Manchester City Council.

Councillor Roger Lawrence, Leader of Wolverhampton City Council, was on the special appointments panel who interviewed Keith and gave him the job.

Councillor Lawrence said: "Restructuring our senior management in this way is a radical step for the council and the deletion of the post of chief executive will save the council a considerable sum.

"I am delighted that Keith Ireland has agreed to take the post of managing director. We have worked very closely on the huge challenges facing the city and I'm convinced Keith will do his utmost to successfully deliver our ambitions for Wolverhampton."

Keith said: "I am passionate about the city of Wolverhampton and I am tremendously proud at being offered the post of managing director and look forward to working with the leader, councillors, colleagues and stakeholders to deliver the huge agenda ahead of us."

  • released:Friday 19 September, 2014