Damaged road signs, overgrown shrubs and sunken manhole covers are just some of the issues which have been tackled as part of work to spruce up the roads around Wolverhampton.

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The 10 main routes in and out of the city have been inspected for problems - with action taken to ensure the primary corridors to and from Wolverhampton create as good an impression as possible.

Staff from the council's Public Realm Services walked a total of 80 miles to identify what needed to be done and, in partnership with the council's Transportation team, work has taken place to clean and replace signs, fill in potholes, cut back overgrown bushes and repair damaged street furniture.

Councillor John Reynolds, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for City Services, said: "Considering the length of these roads, and the amount of traffic that uses them, we found there were remarkably few issues and, generally speaking, our major routes were in a good state of repair.

"The roads and footpaths were found to be clean and well swept, while a small number of signs which had been obscured by trees have now been made visible again.

"Other issues that required attention, such as repairs to the highway, signs and street lights, have either been addressed or scheduled for work. We've also highlighted issues out of our control, such as sunken or damaged manhole covers, with the utility companies."

He added: "Well kept streets help to give a sense of civic pride and create a good impression to residents and visitors to our city, so it's important that we do all we can to keep Wolverhampton looking the best it possibly can.

"Making sure the city creates the right impression is also important when we are trying to attract inward investment and jobs to Wolverhampton - and damaged road signs or potholes don't paint the sort of picture we want to see."

The inspections took place along the A41, A449, A454, A460, A4124, A4123 and the A459.

Anyone wishing to report a problem with the highway in Wolverhampton can ring City Direct on 01902 551155 or email city.direct@wolverhampton.gov.uk.

  • released: Wednesday 9 October, 2013