City of Wolverhampton Council is clamping down on a fly tipping hotspot after the latest incident saw more than 50 bags of rubbish dumped.

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On 4 January, 2018 council officers visited Maxwell Road/ Vicarage Road in All Saints, Wolverhampton and found sacks full of waste containing; food waste, beer cans, household waste and Christmas wrapping. A fridge was also among the mound of rubbish.

Amongst the rubbish, items were found linked to 4 different properties and are currently under investigation.

Maxwell Road is one of the city's worst hotspot areas for fly tipping. Over the past 12 months, around 500 rubbish bags along with furniture, fridges and mattresses have been left at this location.

The council is working to tackle fly tippers and clean up the area to benefit local residents and improve the environment. 

Councillor Steve Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment, said: "Fly tipping is a lazy and selfish crime which costs taxpayers a lot of money to clean up. 

"As a council, we make it our priority to keep our city clean and tidy. But repeated acts like this make it almost impossible to achieve. 

"We understand you may have more litter than usual over Christmas but with our bin collections still taking place and our tips remaining open - this is not an excuse for dumping rubbish illegally.  

"This is not the first time fly tipping has taken place in this particular area, it's becoming a common occurrence which will not be tolerated."

  • released: Wednesday 10 January, 2018