City of Wolverhampton Council's Civic Centre car park will close for essential repairs and maintenance on 14 March it was confirmed today (Thursday 24 February, 2016).

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The council revealed plans to give the 395 space car park a new lease of life last year.

The majority of the £2 million work will involve behind the scenes structural and engineering work.

The car park is 40 years old. Repairs need to be carried out to address concrete erosion. A new fire safety sprinkler system also needs to be installed.

The car park will be closed for 5 and a half months and is due to reopen by the end of August.

Councillor Andrew Johnson, cabinet member for resources, said that the works had been timed to coincide with the £10.4 million refurbishment of the neighbouring Civic and Wulfrun Halls.

He added: "There is never an ideal time to close a major city centre car park, but these works are essential and we have planned them to coincide with what will be a relatively quiet time in the car park.

"The Civic and Wulfrun Halls are just over the road and are both currently closed for a major refurbishment of their own. We have taken the opportunity to get the car park works done while this project is underway.

"The car park is due to reopen in late summer and in time for the university graduation season which is traditionally a time the car park gets very busy.

"We do apologise for the inconvenience the car park closure may cause, but the works are important to safeguard the future of this facility as our regeneration plans for the city are starting to take off.

"The car park is 40 years old and these improvements will ensure we can get many more years of use out of it."

For details of alternative car parking provision in the city centre, customers can visit Type=articles;Articleid=8533;Title=Improving your Civic Centre car park;.

  • released: Thursday 25 February, 2016