Simon Warren (Chief Executive of Wolverhampton City Council) and Councillor Elias Mattu visited the Lich Avenue Organic Garden Project earlier this month.

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They looked at the work carried out by the volunteers and to see how the project has progressed since of the launch.

The garden was officially launched on Sunday 9 June after a week of hard work by the volunteers and kind donations of tools and plants from various companies and organisations transforming the site from an overgrown derelict allotment site into the beginnings of a Organic community garden.

Wednesfield and Fallings Park Local Neighbourhood Partnership in Partnership with BBC WM, Wolverhampton Homes, Wednesfield High School and Catch 22 worked on an Organic Garden project which was an idea from Elliot Lord founder of the Organisation 'Our Own Future'.

A host of volunteers from the local community including volunteers from local businesses, Timken Vocational Training Centre and voluntary groups worked on the site as part of the BBC WM summer tour.

The garden is now in full bloom from the hard work local volunteers have carried out, planting and tendering to the crops such as potatoes, peas, tomatoes and corn over the past month.

The project has been a huge success with the support of the local volunteers and Wednesfield High School and work is still continuing to improve the site. Some of the crops are ready to harvest and LNP Chair James Clarke was the first person to make a sandwich with lettuce which was picked by the local Garden Volunteers.

Now the Garden has been launched, Elliott Lord is encouraging local residents to be involved in the Garden.

If you'd like to be part of the group that runs the garden, or are interested in spending an hour or two gardening, please email Elliot Lord or visit Type=links;Linkid=2185;Title=Our Own Future;Target=_blank; for more details.

  • released: Wednesday 31 July, 2013