Wolverhampton Interchange project has been hailed at Business Week as a unique selling point for investment and development in the city.

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That's the verdict of CBRE Senior Director Gary Cardin, who yesterday spoke at the Business Breakfast flagship event.

The world's largest commercial real estate services and investment firm has been commissioned to develop City of Wolverhampton's 10 year city centre investment prospectus.

This includes opportunities around the £150 million Interchange project, which centres on the development of a new railway station and the Midland Metro extension to it.

Cardin said: "Speaking honestly, the city's missed opportunities in the past but we believe it's now heading in the right direction.

"There's huge potential to continue to benefit from private and public sector investment - oven ready schemes and regional funding packages.

"Connectivity is a key USP for this city. I can't stress that enough.

"You've got excellent access by road, rail and tram and we believe the Interchange project will cement the city's excellent positioning on the west coast mainline."

The Interchange will also see the development of the eye-catching i9 modern office development to be built on Railway Drive, which has emerged as a scheme following the success of the award winning i10 building opposite.

Cardin added: "The Interchange opens up a huge opportunity to develop your regional office market even further.

"The city offers an unrivalled combination of highly competitive property and excellent strategic access to UK markets.

"The scale of the opportunity, with much of the land owned by a proactive local authority and city partners, creates real opportunity - especially when you look at the unique character of development sites such as Canalside."

Councillor John Reynolds, City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for City Economy, said: "The people of Wolverhampton can look forward to seeing the emergence of a station befitting of their city.

"It is also crucial visitors to our city get the best first impression possible and their travel experience is enhanced - this new state of the art station directly connected to the Metro will deliver that."

The full CBRE investment prospectus will be launched at a major event later this year.

  • released: Thursday 28¬†September, 2017