Families in Wolverhampton are being encouraged to open their doors to children - and particularly siblings - who are waiting to be adopted.

The British Association for Adoption and Fostering is using Adoption Week 2014, which is now underway, to highlight the fact that brothers and sisters are sadly being separated due to a shortage of adopters.

It says around half of all children nationally for whom families are being sought are part of a sibling group.

Though the majority of sibling groups in Wolverhampton are fortunately able to be adopted with their brothers and sisters, more adoptive families are still needed to ensure that, where appropriate, siblings in the city can be found a permanent home.

Councillor Val Gibson, Wolverhampton City Council's Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: "While we do all we can to enable a child to remain with their birth family, it is a sad fact that some simply cannot because of neglect, abuse or because their parents are unable to cope.

"Our adoptive parents do a truly fantastic job for vulnerable children and young people in the city - one which has a positive lasting impact on both them and the children they care for.

"Children who need to be adopted have usually had a hard start in life and so it is even more important for them to experience the stability and support that being with their brothers and sisters can bring.

"We've had considerable success in finding adoptive parents for sibling groups in Wolverhampton and placed 12 sibling groups with adoptive parents last year, meaning brothers and sisters did not have to be split up. But we still need more people to come forward who are able to give them a safe, permanent and loving family."

There are currently 17 sibling groups in Wolverhampton currently waiting for adoption - as well as a number of single children - and Councillor Gibson added: "This week is National Adoption Week and I'd urge anyone who has ever considered adopting a child to take this opportunity to find out more about what this amazing role entails."

Anyone interested in finding out more about adoption should please call Adoption in the Black Country on 0800 0730 597 or log on to Type=links;Linkid=3189;Title=Adoption in the Black Country;Target=_blank;.

National Adoption Week continues until Sunday (9 November) and is focussing on encouraging more people to come forward who can adopt siblings.

  • released: Tuesday 4 November, 2014