Visitors can expect the City of Wolverhampton Council website to look and feel every inch a modern website when browsing from a mobile or tablet.


The website has now been made fully 'responsive', meaning that when a resident, visitor, or business access the council's web pages the website detects what type of device they are using to access the website and will resize the images, text and design to fit their screen resolution.

Not only does the website look and feel better on modern devices but it also means visitors can access every element of the site.

Councillor John Reynolds welcomed the news, adding: "The new functionality means that when people visit the council website everything they can access using a home computer is now fully available on their mobile or tablet at ease which results in improved access to council services for our residents.'

In the past 12 months, the percentage of traffic on the website from a mobile device was 22.91% and 11.13% through a tablet. It is expected with this new improved browsing experience this figure will rise in the coming months meeting the ever increasing use of this technology.

  • released: Thursday 26 February, 2015