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If you're not as active as you should be you are putting your health and quality of life at risk.

To stay healthy or to improve health, you need to do two types of physical activity each week: aerobic and strength exercises.

Where to start?

If you're new to being active, why not try walking and building this into your daily routine, so you'll be more likely to keep it up. Walk briskly so your heart beats faster and your lungs work harder.

Why not join a walking group? It's a great way to make new friends and stay motivated.

Walking for Health Wolverhampton

If you like to do more walking with company or simply want to get active, the Walking for Health scheme in Wolverhampton could be what you are looking for.

With over 40 walks in the City there is bound to be one to suit you. Walking for Health also offer opportunities to volunteer and to become a walk leader. You can contact us or visit Wolverhampton Walking for Health website for more information.

pdf icon View our Walking for Health leaflet here [5Mb]

Tools to help you

Active 10 App: The Active 10 app shows how much brisk walking an individual is currently doing and helps to show people how they can fit a ten minute brisk walk into their day.
Right for you if: you have a smartphone and want to get more active gradually, wherever you are.

Couch to 5K App: Designed to get just about anyone off the couch and running 5km in nine weeks
Right for you if: you have a smartphone and want to get more active gradually, wherever you are.

One-to-One Support

Our busy lives make it hard to be more active and if you've not done any activity for a long time you may need a bit of extra support to help you get going.

One You Wolverhampton offers a free one-to-one health trainer service. Our health trainers can help you plan how to be more active within your daily routine and set individual goals. To keep you on track, they will provide free tailored motivational support.

Right for you if: You'd like to talk one-to-one, to an understanding health trainer.

Request free local advice and support.

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