A hearing may need to be attended if you have recent and/or serious criminal or motoring convictions.

We may also need to discuss the information provided by your previous licensing authority if you have been a licensed driver in the past. If a hearing is required, it may take longer than 15 working days to process your application.

In the hearing, your application will be considered with reference to City of Wolverhampton Council’s Guidelines Relating to the Relevance of Convictions and Breaches of Licence Conditions.

If you are required to attend a hearing you will be sent a link. You will need to register on this link. Once registered you will be able to view your hearing report and a copy of the guidelines. You can choose a hearing appointment at a time convenient to you.

I have received a link to attend a hearing, but I do not understand why I need to attend this?

An email would have been sent to you, containing a report which details the reason for needing to attend the hearing. Your licence cannot be granted without you attending the hearing and failure to book an appointment within six months will result in your application lapsing.

I have received an email to book a hearing but I cannot open it?

It is recommended to open this link in a modern browser such as Google Chrome or via a mobile browser. Internet Explorer has compatibility issues with this website.

I have not received a link to book onto a hearing?

The email inviting you to book a hearing will be sent as soon as your report is prepared. We require all information from your DBS certificate, DVLA record and previous licensing authority (if any) to write this report. If you have been advised that the report has been sent, please check your junk/spam folders. If it is not in there, please contact driver.lic@wolverhampton.gov.uk