Know the law on Sunday and bank holiday trading hours for all businesses.

What does the law say?

The law allows all retail shops to open on a Sunday.

The law does restricts the hours that larger shops may open on a Sunday. Larger shops are shops whose internal retail area exceeds 280 square meters.

The law also allows shops with an internal retail area less than 280 square meters to open at any time on a Sunday.

What hours are large shops allowed to open?

Larger shops (internal floor areas over 280 square meters) are only allowed to open for up to 6 hours on a Sunday between the hours of 10am and 6pm.

Larger shops may not open on Easter Sunday or Christmas Day, if it falls on a Sunday.

How do I know what hours larger shops open?

Shops are required to clearly display inside and outside the hours that they are allowed to open.

Are shops required to register their Sunday trading hours?

Shops were required to tell us their opening hours however, this was discontinued in 2004.

Are there any exemptions to the Act?

Yes, the following shops which may fall into the 'larger' shop classification (over 280 square meters) may open at any time on a Sunday:

  • Farm shops
  • Shops selling wholly or mainly intoxicating liquor
  • Motor cycle supplies and accessories
  • Resisted pharmacies selling only medicinal products
  • Airport and Railway shops
  • Service stations and petrol stations
  • Stands at exhibitions
  • Shops occupied by persons observing the Jewish Sabbath.  

For further information, you can contact Licensing