If you wish to change any operational details of your gambling premises Licence, the holder of a premises Licence may apply to the licensing authority to vary the Licence by:
  • Adding, amending or removing an authorised activity
  • Amending another detail of the Licence
  • Excluding a condition attached
  • Adding, amending or removing a condition attached to the licence

How to apply

Please download application, complete and return with

  • Plans (if making changes to the layout of the premises)
  • Fee (see downloads section)
  • Copies of your variation must be sent to all responsible authorities.

Once you have submitted your application, you need:

1. Display a notice prominently of variation application notice outside the premises for 28 consecutive days where it can be read conveniently.

2. A notice must be placed in a local newspaper or newsletter within the vicinity of the premises, on at least one occasion within ten days of the application being made. This should contain the same information as the notice placed on the premises.

3. A notice must be sent to all responsible authorities within seven days of the application being made

Applications can be granted after a minimum period of twenty-eight days assuming no valid representations are received.


What if a valid representation is made?

If valid representations are received a committee hearing will be held to determine whether the application is granted or rejected.


Applications can be sent to:

City of Wolverhampton Council
Civic Centre
St Peters Square