Prize Gaming Permit- Application for a grant/conversion (or to request a change of name)

A prize gaming permit is a permit issued by the licensing authority to authorise the provision of facilities for gaming with prizes on specified premises.

A prize gaming permit allows you to undertake low level gambling for small fees and modest prizes.

Prize gaming is where you put up prizes in advance, as opposed to gaming where the stakes of the participants make up the winnings.

All chances to participate in the gaming must be allocated on the premises on which the gaming is taking place and on one day; the game must be played and completed on the day the chances are allocated. The result of the game must be made public in the premises on the day that it is played

The prize for which the game is played must not exceed the amount set out in regulations (if a money prize), or the prescribed value (if non-monetary prize)

How to apply

You can only apply for a prize gaming permit if you own the occupied building where activities will take place.

If you are an individual applicant, you must be 18 years of age or over.

Permit is valid for 10 years

If you hold a premises Licence or a club gaming permit, you may not apply for a prize gaming permit.

The following premises do not require a prize gaming permit:

  • adult gaming centres (premises licence)
  • family entertainment centres (premises licence)
  • family entertainment centres (gaming machine permits)
  • travelling fairs
  • bingo halls

Download the form from the downloads section, complete and return along with the appropriate fee to the address below.


New/Renewal -£300

Change of name-£25

Copy of existing permit-£15

Contact Us

Please contact Licensing, providing as much information as you can to enable us to respond as quickly as possible.

Or write to:

City of Wolverhampton Council
Civic Centre
St Peters Square