Our vision is simple: To create modern, vibrant and sustainable libraries for the city of Wolverhampton.

In July 2017, Cabinet approved our 10-year Transforming Libraries Strategy. The ambition of the strategy is to improve library services for people who live, work and study in the city of Wolverhampton. It sets out how we will deliver local and national priorities in the context of changing demands and customer needs.

Libraries provide a unique, lifelong service to the public and are highly valued by our communities – even those who do not use them. This is why our strategy maintains the current number of libraries in the city and enhances the offer and services delivered, bringing our libraries into the 21st century.

Against the backdrop of a wider public sector financial challenge, we need to ensure that our libraries provide a network of support that is sustainable and provide value for money to taxpayers.

We have six strategic aims that form part of our core offer to all people who live, work and study in Wolverhampton. These incorporate the ‘National Universal Offer’ framework recommended by the Society of Chief Librarians and are:

  • Supporting reading and literacy
  • Promoting learning and improving skills
  • Increasing the use of digital services
  • Promoting and enabling health and wellbeing
  • Widening access to quality information
  • Broadening access to culture

For further information on our Transforming Libraries Strategy, please email mylibraryservice@wolverhampton.gov.uk.