Residents can apply for ECO3 Flex funding to help pay for energy saving measures for their homes.

ECO3 scheme is now closed.

The new scheme, ECO4, which is due to run from July 2022 to March 2026 is still in development.

We are awaiting further guidance from Ofgem/BEIS and will update this webpage accordingly.

Ofgem, the scheme administrator, will be publishing ECO4 guidance, any questions regarding the scheme should be directed to them.

Energy Saving

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) requires energy suppliers to set aside a fund to install energy-saving measures. These help households cut their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Councils can set the eligibility criteria for what these measures can be; they must publish a statement of intent that outlines these criteria.

Our Eligibility Criteria

You can find the City of Wolverhampton's statement of intent in the Downloads section. This sets out our eligibility criteria for the ECO3 Flex funding. We determined this using Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Department guidelines. BEIS oversees the ECO scheme.

ECO3 Flex funding

Energy suppliers have made funding available to support the Council’s priorities:

  • better homes for all
  • access to a safe and healthy home

It targets those residents in Wolverhampton living within:

  • the private rented sector
  • vulnerable owner occupiers