Useful links for professionals to multi-agency policy and procedures including practice guidance.

Wolverhampton's Safeguarding Adult Board has adopted the "Multi-agency Policy and Procedures for the Protection of adults with care and support needs in the West Midlands".

The Policy and Procedures were implemented in April 2015 and reflect the changes in the Care Act 2014. The Policy and Procedures operate on a multi-agency basis across the West Midlands area, thereby ensuring consistency of responses and a common approach to safeguarding. The West Midlands Policy and Procedures have been produced in consultation with health and social care representatives as well as representatives from partner agencies. 

Domestic Violence Policy and Procedure
West Midlands Adult Safeguarding Policy & Procedures
Referral requesting a safeguarding adults review
Notification of a Safeguarding Adult Review - Guidance for Professionals
West Midlands Best Practice Guidance Self Neglect Oct 15

Reporting abuse

The below documents can still be used for reporting adult abuse:

Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence Protocol

West Midlands Regional Policies and Procedures

All of the West Midlands Regional Policies and Procedures are hosted on the Safeguarding Warwickshire website on behalf of all the West Midlands Safeguarding Adults Boards. This includes:

  • Main Regional Policy and Procedures document;
  • The best Practice Guidance on Self-Neglect; and
  • The Guidance on Safeguarding Adult Reviews.