The council are responsible for maintaining the trees on our footpaths and grass verges.

Each tree is on a rolling programme to be inspected every four years at which point we carry out any necessary maintenance. We look at the condition of the tree and inspect for any damage to the footpath. 

Highway Tree Maintenance Programme 2017 to 2021

It may be necessary to carry out work to improve the health or appearance of the tree. We may remove lower branches, reduce the height, remove dead wood or root prune. A tree will only be cut down if it is unsafe - in which case we'll replace it with a new one.

What you can do

Please contact us to report a tree that is dead, has fallen down or if you think it is a danger to the public.

We will inspect the tree, carry out any work needed to make it safe and repair footpaths that have become a trip hazard due to roots.

We will also inspect trees that touch telephone wires, overhang a building, block a street light or obscure a street sign and traffic lights.

We will respond to all highway tree enquiries within our service standards.