During the Autumn, the council undertakes a programme of leaf collection throughout the city.

Accumulations of leaves, especially when wet, can make conditions difficult for both pedestrians and drivers. Locations where it has been identified that leaves cause problems, extra cleaning is done.

Specialist leaf collection machines are used to vacuum up areas prone to heavy leaf fall.

Where we clear fallen leaves

  • footways
  • highways
  • public right of way
  • public open areas (includes parks and playgrounds) 
  • council car parks 
  • closed churchyards

Where we don't clear fallen leaves

  • commercial premises
  • residents property

The council does not collect leaves from private property or residents gardens even when the leaves have fallen from a tree situated in the footway. Fallen leaves on private property are the responsibility of the owner.

Please don’t be tempted to sweep or blow leaves from your gardens onto the road or pavement, which will undo the good work by our teams. Instead, compost them or put them in your garden waste bin (purple wheelie bin) ready for the next scheduled collection.

Reporting leaf fall problems

To report significant accumulations of leaves on the highway or footpaths which require collection, contact us.