Our tree maintenance programme along our streets and in our parks and woodlands makes sure we protect the city's trees for future generations to enjoy.

Please report to us any tree that has fallen on to the highway or a council tree that is fallen, dead or dangerous and we will respond within our service standards.

What we do

  • maintain trees on our footpaths and grass verges - see our tree maintenance programme.
  • maintain trees and woodland on council parks and green spaces
  • remove fallen trees - any tree that is blocking the highway or a council tree in the street, in a park or on a green open space

What we are unable to deal with

We're sorry, but there are certain requests and complaints that the council's tree service does not respond to:

Damage to your property by trees

If you think a council tree has caused damage to your property, you will need to contact your insurance company and arrange a survey. This will determine whether there are grounds to make a claim against the council.