As an organisation, City of Wolverhampton Council has a net-zero target of 2028. We have created an action plan of how we will achieve this.
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Reducing the Council’s Carbon Footprint to net-zero

Through the Climate Emergency Declaration, we commit to achieving net-zero within the council by 2028. This means producing less carbon from the following activities:


  • Fuelling our operational fleet
  • Employees travelling for work purposes (known as business mileage)

Buildings and energy

  • Heating our buildings
  • Powering our buildings with electricity
  • Powering our streetlights

Improving the Council’s sustainability

We also have a duty to be more sustainable by looking at:

  • the products and services we use,
  • the contracts we have
  • what we throw away and recycle

Our Emissions

Please note that despite the Council using a "renewable" electricity provider, the emissions within this document are based on relative emissions from energy consumption

Our Action Plan

Delivery of the Action Plan is expected to reduce the Council's Carbon Emission by 95% by 2028.

You can find the Full Action Plan and Roadmap in the Downloads section.