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Our climate emergency declaration

The council has addressed the challenge of Climate Change through our work over the years. There have been a series of strategies going back to the Local Agenda 21 Strategy in 1999. The latest was the Climate Local Wolverhampton Action Plan 2013-18.
The council recognises that even greater action is necessary. 
So in July 2019, City of Wolverhampton Council became the first local authority in the Black Country to declare a Climate Emergency. 

Our climate emergency declaration pledge

  • Make all council activities net carbon zero by 2028
  • Ensure all strategic decisions and budgets are in line with the shift to net carbon zero
  • Ensure robust governance is in place to embed and champion Climate Change across the council
  • Appoint a Member Champion for Climate Change
  • Work with partners across the city and region to work towards a net carbon zero future
  • Request a review of the investment strategy within the West Midlands Pension Fund to give due consideration to Climate
  • Lobby national and regional powers to secure greater resources for tackling Climate Change
  • Hold a Citizens Assembly to direct work around Climate Change, and proactively include young people in co-producing strategy and future of the city

Net carbon zero is where emissions are reduced as far as possible with any remaining emissions off-set in order to deliver a net result of zero emissions.

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