In July 2019, City of Wolverhampton Council declared a climate emergency. We have made a declaration to reduce our carbon emissions and how we will do it.
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Our Climate Emergency Pledge

City of Wolverhampton Council was the first council in the Black Country to declare a climate emergency

We have spent many years addressing the challenge of Climate Change. We have produced a series of strategies going back as far as 1999.

But we need to do more.

Our Climate Emergency declaration

  1. Make all council activities net carbon zero by 2028
  2. Work with partners across the region to achieve a net carbon zero future by 2041
  3. Make sure decisions and budgets are in line with the shift to net carbon zero
  4. Make sure the entire council considers climate change in all work
  5. Appoint a Member Champion for Climate Change
  6. Ask West Midlands Pension Fund to review their investments. Asking them to better consider climate
  7. Ask national and regional powers for more help in tackling Climate Change
  8. Hold a Citizens Assembly to direct climate change work.
  9. Include young people in co-producing strategy and future of the city

Our Future Generations' commitment

The council produced our Future Generations' Commitment document in 2019. The document shows our duty to reduce carbon. We produced it in response to our climate emergency declaration.

We recognise our duty to take action now. Not only for our own emissions but for the wider City. The aim is to safeguard future generations and help them succeed.

As part of our commitment the council will:


  • Reduce the council's carbon emissions
  • Increase sustainability within the council


  • Improve support for carbon reduction in the city
  • Improve support for sustainability in the city


  • Raise environmental awareness
  • Enable community action

Our Citizens Assembly

As part of our consultation, we held a mini citizen’s assembly. In February 2020, we brought together citizens from across the city to:

  • Listen to experts on the topic
  • Discuss the current steps we use in tackling the City's Climate Emergency
  • Propose new actions

We hired an independent agency BritainThinks to organise the assembly. You can find the results in the Downloads section.