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We are putting together more up to date and relevant data.

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Waste Disposal
Waste Disposal Lifecycle

All of the domestic waste currently collected in Wolverhampton is disposed of via third party contractors. Understanding the carbon footprint of these third party contracts will form an important part of our Climate Strategy. We will:

  • challenge the integrity of these contracts
  • ensure we know the end destination of all waste processed

Also, all future Waste contracts will have to include ways to lower the City of Wolverhampton’s carbon impact.

The local Energy from Waste (EfW) plant processes any waste from Wolverhampton. The EfW uses this waste to generate electricity which is then supplied to the grid

In 2018 the EfW plant produced over 33,505 MWh of electricity. This is enough to provide electricity for 10,000 homes. This reduced electricity generated by fossil fuel power stations by 9411 tCO2.

Generating electricity by burning waste:

  • replaces fossil fuel generated electricity
  • meets national targets for renewable energy generation
  • has a short carbon cycle. This means the carbon given off when the item is burned is the same as the carbon it absorbs over its lifetime.

By burning the waste, most of it turns into carbon dioxide and water. The alternative is to dispose of the waste in landfill, increasing the global warming effect

Incineration of waste

Generating energy from waste: how it works

Statement from Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management


We are putting together more up to date and relevant data.

It will be displayed here once it is ready.

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