Eligibility questions

You do not need to reapply if all of your children have a benefits-related FSM claim in place.

Under the terms of Transitional Protection, current claims are protected until the end of the phase of education (e.g. primary / secondary) a child is in in 2023. Transitional Protection does not apply to siblings without a claim in their own name nor to families who cease receiving NASS support or Pension Credit.

We share information about current FSM claims with the schools and Academies in City of Wolverhampton who use our eligibility checking service. Settings also receive information about a child’s FSM claim via the Common Transfer File (CTF) shared when a child moves school. Please contact your child’s school with any questions about the meals as arrangements and menus vary.

Have you already provided your details (surname as recorded with HMRC / DWP, National Insurance or NASS reference number and date of birth) to your child/ren’s school/s?

You do not need to apply direct if you have already supplied your details to your child/ren’s school/s.

Your child/ren’s school/s will share your data with us for periodic eligibility checking. If you are found to become eligible for benefits-related Free School Meals (FSM), we will record your claim/s and inform your child/ren’s school/s by secure email. Your child/ren’s school/s will then contact you with more information about how you can access the support to which you are entitled.

Is your child attending school and receiving full-time education (not including wrap-around care provided for nursery-aged children)?

Benefits-related Free School Meals (FSM) are only available to children receiving full-time education (this does not include wrap-around care provided for nursery-aged children).

To apply for Early Years Pupil Premium or Early Years 2 Year Old Funding, please contact your child’s nursery.

Does your child attend college, S. Peter’s Collegiate or a school/Academy outside the City of Wolverhampton not named on the Free School Meals page?

Please apply direct to your child’s college, school or the school’s Local Authority.

Are you entitled to Working Tax Credit (regardless of income) or do you receive Universal Credit with take-home pay above £616.67 in the current month?

You do not currently meet the Government’s eligibility criteria for claiming benefits-related Free School Meals.

Please search the Council’s website or contact your child/ren’s school/s for more information about other support you may be able to receive.

Please click ‘Apply’ to fill out the application.