A number of other discounts and exemptions can be granted which may reduce the annual charge.

If you consider that you may be eligible for one of the discounts or exemptions below please complete the form below and forward any available evidence.

  • Unoccupied properties owned by a charity
  • Unoccupied property where the previous liable person is deceased and no other person is liable.
  • The property is unoccupied because of a legal prohibition
  • The property is unoccupied but retained for a minister of religion
  • The property is unoccupied and a mortgagee is in possession
  • The property is unoccupied and a trustee in bankruptcy is liable
  • An unoccupied annexe of an occupied dwelling
  • An unoccupied property because the liable person is in detention

Care leavers

Young people who were in the care of the council and who pay Council Tax in the city can qualify for an exemption from paying it when they are aged between 18 and 24.

To qualify for an exemption the young person must:

  • pay council tax to the City of Wolverhampton Council
  • be aged over 18 but under 25
  • be a care leaver whose corporate parent was the City of Wolverhampton Council - including those young people who received care outside the city but have since returned to live in Wolverhampton

Other help available

We have a Discretionary Discount Policy (available in the Downloads section on this page) where we may reduce your council tax bill in certain circumstances.

Apply for a Council Tax Discretionary Discount

Apply for another Council Tax Discount