This grant will support the city’s business on the Relight Business Programme. The grant would enable SME businesses to undertake small investments as recommended from the Relight Business Programme, to assist with resilience and recovery.

Some of the funds would be matched with a current ERDF grant programme to maximise external funds. The programme will build in flexibility to ensure it can support all businesses - those who trade directly with consumers (non-ERDF compliant) and those who trade with other businesses.

Businesses must first be accepted and join the Programme. The Programme must be completed in order to apply/qualify for the grant. The Programme includes an initial Business Review, and a subsequent Digital and Financial Review. These can then be used as an evidence base to make an application for the grant. 

For further information on the programme and to apply visit our Wolves in Business page. It is likely to take 4-8 weeks to complete the Reviews before an application can be made.

Based on the Reviews produced from the Relight Business Programme a business will be able to can apply for a maximum grant of £5,000 to invest in equipment and services. This would be subject to checks and assurance from the Restart Business Support team.